• Frat Guido Bromance
    • Frat Guido Bromance

      • mac lethal, slug, brother ali.... all better rappers than eminem... eminem is a trend... rhymesayers entertainment is the real shit, but you 13 year old trend worshipers wouldn't know shit about that now would ya.
      • Sep, 26 2009 04:57am
    • Rep. Brian Baird Takes a Verbal Beat Down
    • Rep. Brian Baird Takes a Verbal Beat...

      • I'm sure this guy has no problem sending his kids to state run schools, or helping them get an education at the state funded library... If my tax dollars are paying for his kids to go to school then wouldn't that make it a socialist system. And isn't it funny how the military guy doesn't want the govt telling him what to do... they do it every day and he follows orders just like the (yes they were right wing) nazi's... He's got these Christian values but forgets the verses about feeding the hungry, clothing those who don't have clothes and taking care of the sick... Real Republicans should know Jesus would have been a Democrat and he would have supported the health care bill.... but apparently Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly have more influence then Jesus did...
      • Aug, 27 2009 02:45pm
    • Boy Suspended for Obama T-Shirt
    • Boy Suspended for Obama T-Shirt

      • According to the Bush Doctrine any nation, group, or individual who tries to enforce their social, religious or political views through the use of force / violence is a terrorist.... I guess since we're doing that in Iraq that means anyone who supports Bush is "the terrorists best friend" Supporting your troops doesn't always mean supporting what they are sent to do.
      • Sep, 24 2008 05:43pm
    • Time of My Life
    • Time of My Life

      • This is like watching Steven Segal turn into Pauly Shore and then into Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley..... all with a little touch of beady eyed child molester.
      • Sep, 18 2008 03:57pm
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