• Obama Meme (Racism)
    • Obama Meme (Racism)

      • These reasonable assertions would stand up to scrutiny just fine with a white person, as long as that white person didn't actually do anything racist. You see, here in the good ol' USA, you don't blame one person for what ANOTHER person says. Rev. Wright is responsible for what Rev. Wright says, and President Obama is responsible for what President Obama says. Nice try mixing it up though. You teabaggers are all the same. The President hasn't done anything wrong, so you try to pin something on him SOMEBODY ELSE said. I wonder if you remember what it's like to be honest and honorable.
      • May, 23 2012 04:06pm
    • Obama Meme (Racism)
    • Obama Meme (Racism)

      • Racism isn't contagious, and real Americans don't believe in guilt by association.
      • May, 23 2012 10:10am
    • Liberal Logic--It just doesn't make any sense
    • Liberal Logic--It just doesn't make any...

      • The one on the left never said anything about how often she has sex. She spoke about how the pill is used to treat medical conditions. Also, having more sex doesn't mean you need to take more pills. Women who are on the pill take it once a day, whether they are having sex or not. What a stupid piece of shit.
      • Apr, 9 2012 12:17am
    • Cop Abuses Power By Searching Star Trek Fans Car For No Reason
    • Cop Abuses Power By Searching Star Trek...

      • The guy who created this video is a dumbass. All he had to do was say, "With all due respect, I am going to execute my 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights. I'm not going to answer any questions without an attorney present, and you don't have permission to search my car. Have a nice day." There is never any reason to argue with a cop. All you have to say is "Please refer to Constitutional Amendments 4, 5, and 6, and if you don't know what those rights are, look 'em up." and if he utters a single question after that without your attorney present, he has violated your constitutional rights.
      • Mar, 18 2012 04:48pm
    • ummmm sure
    • ummmm sure

      • That's why I say the Devil's corn is a dish best served cold. You don't want to burn your lips on the Devil's corn cob.
      • Nov, 2 2011 12:38pm


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