• Bugs found in candy bar
    • Bugs found in candy bar

      • This wasn't from the candy bar company, it's the store's fault. We got meal moths in our house and it was from kmart. we could actually see them flying around the food aisle. They get into everything and make webs, then coccoons, then worms, then come out as moths, it's so disgusting. I swear we ate frozen and canned food for 2 years because those are the only things they cannot get. And we kept the dog food in the garage, so they even got in then. These are much more common than people think, anyone can get them!
      • Feb, 24 2009 04:29pm
    • Myspace Losers
    • Myspace Losers

      • Actually, unless they have applied for a copyright, NONE. If you put it online, expect it to be stolen, it's their fault for not using watermarks and uploading large files. If you care so much about the issue, why the hell are you a member on anyway? Aren't you just a huge hypocrite? HMMM??!
      • Aug, 11 2008 07:24pm
    • Lucky Find
    • Lucky Find

      • actually if you read on , the photos are real but the story is fake. this is an auto dealer who just collected cars and hired a photographer for the inventory.
      • Jun, 23 2008 11:43am
    • Strange Cereals
    • Strange Cereals

      • Ha, I remember eating King Vitamin, it was the absolute cheapest cereal at the grocery store, at around 1.29 a box when everything else was 3.50-4.00 a box. Plus, it tasted better than ramen noodles when I was poor.
      • Jun, 13 2008 02:16am


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