• The World Is Doomed
    • The World Is Doomed

      • Oh, and why the obsession with death and dying? These people seem to take great delight and pride in world suffering and feel they are somehow exempt from this reality. - You do not realize how ignorant you really are - I pity you all. Religion once ruled this land a long time ago. We called it the dark ages. You Westboro nut cases want us all to live that.
      • Jan, 5 2009 01:36pm
    • The World Is Doomed
    • The World Is Doomed

      • A group of bigoted, self-loathing religious zealots. - What a crock of horseshit!
      • Jan, 5 2009 01:28pm
    • Billy Mays Fail
    • Billy Mays Fail

      • Hahaha!! Like the way he tries to regain his composure like as if to say, 'I meant to do that'.
      • Jan, 5 2009 01:22am
    • Flogging Molly - Selfish Man
    • Flogging Molly - Selfish Man

      • Far as I know Dave King is the only member that is originally born and from Dublin, Ireland. He moved from there to Los Angeles where he spends his adult life with the band. I'm sure he returns now and again to Ireland. Must be because Their latest album, Float, was recorded in King's native Ireland.
      • Jan, 1 2009 08:11pm


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