• Free Fries
    • Free Fries

      • Sorry but this has phony written all over it
      • Dec, 15 2008 12:27pm
    • F*ck a Kitten Up
    • F*ck a Kitten Up

      • I noticed that too. Must be ebaum has a few small minds running the show. No wonder this site gets so much hate mail. Also it's wreaks of TROLLERS and FLAMERS
      • Dec, 9 2008 02:27pm
    • Traffic Guitar Hero
    • Traffic Guitar Hero

      • I don't play those sissy games. I leave that trash for fat lazy geek bastards who have no parental guidance, no Father figure and sponge off Mommy because they're too lazy to go outside their 4 walls to get a life. I work for a living. What the fuck do you do moron besides troll people and and sit in front of the glowing monitor all day? - STFU, leave me alone, and find something a bit more constructive to do with your miserable existence.
      • Dec, 4 2008 09:02am
    • Huge Meteor
    • Huge Meteor

      • Crashed into an orphanage? LOL No it did not. Debris from this meteor was found scattered across the plains of Alberta, Canada. I've got the updated video with sources too.
      • Dec, 1 2008 03:25pm


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