• Free Fries
    • Free Fries

      • Sorry but this has phony written all over it
      • Dec, 15 2008 12:27pm
    • F*ck a Kitten Up
    • F*ck a Kitten Up

      • I noticed that too. Must be ebaum has a few small minds running the show. No wonder this site gets so much hate mail. Also it's wreaks of TROLLERS and FLAMERS
      • Dec, 9 2008 02:27pm
    • Traffic Guitar Hero
    • Traffic Guitar Hero

      • I don't play those sissy games. I leave that trash for fat lazy geek bastards who have no parental guidance, no Father figure and sponge off Mommy because they're too lazy to go outside their 4 walls to get a life. I work for a living. What the fuck do you do moron besides troll people and and sit in front of the glowing monitor all day? - STFU, leave me alone, and find something a bit more constructive to do with your miserable existence.
      • Dec, 4 2008 09:02am
    • Huge Meteor
    • Huge Meteor

      • Crashed into an orphanage? LOL No it did not. Debris from this meteor was found scattered across the plains of Alberta, Canada. I've got the updated video with sources too.
      • Dec, 1 2008 03:25pm
    • Traffic Guitar Hero
    • Traffic Guitar Hero

      • What's your obsession with the penis? Looks like we have a closet homo here ladies and he goes by the name of Eeyorepd. He's got Nothing better to do than play little trolling games because his Mommy didn't hug him enough. I must assume you are still in high school and gets a beating or two a week also. If not you need it badly. Remember ASSHOLE you are the one who started this NOT me. I could go on for days with you but that's what you would love for me to do. You want and crave attention just like the little spoiled prat that you are. Now go back to obsessing about dicks, cocks or whatever you fantasize about and leave the big boys alone. - Faggot
      • Nov, 29 2008 03:55pm


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