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    • 10 Porn Stars Who Are Probably Smarter Than You
      • 10 Porn Stars Who Are Probably Smarter Than You
      • boxcar, maybe you need to look up the definition of the word dumb. Not only does it mean unable to speak, it also means lacking intelligence. Next time you try to condescend to someone, try having an actual fucking clue you troglodyte.As for being called a nerd, thank you. I am very proud of that fact ;).
      • 11:48am Dec, 22 2014
    • DMCA - The Scene That Killed
      • DMCA - The Scene That Killed "The Interview" Movie
      • Personally, I don't need Sony to decide whether or not I am willing to risk being blown up. What is going to happen now is, it will be released eventually and it will make a shit ton of money no matter how bad it is.
      • 11:52am Dec, 19 2014
    • Dantes Wings Gifs n Things
      • Dantes Wings Gifs n Things
      • #16 is fucking retarded....Anna Nicole Smith...Used legal drugs illegally...Michael Jackson...used legal drugs illegally...Amy Whinehouse...died of Heroin overdose had NOTHING to do with alcohol...Whitney Houston...Died of heart damage from decades of HEAVY cocaine use...had nothing to do with pharma or booz. I complete support legalizing Marijuana but when you put stupid fucking malinformed infographics up it just makes our entire movement look as stupid as the fucking retard who made the infographic.
      • 12:01pm Dec, 8 2014
    • Monday Blues Gallery
      • Monday Blues Gallery
      • For God so loved the world that he gave us a group of billions of people who feel the need to run around, push their shit off on everyone else, be judgmental and try to force you into doing the same shit that their fake ass bullshit man in the sky wants them to.God is interesting, all powerful, all knowing, but somehow he always needs my fucking money. Nice God, so powerful he can't even keep from asking me and everyone else for cash. Stupid fucks.
      • 11:56am Dec, 8 2014
    • Bible Scriptures 5A
      • Bible Scriptures 5A
      • Too bad this shit is a bunch of crap made up by humans to guilt people into paying money.
      • 11:14am Nov, 17 2014
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