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    • Dangers of Synthetic Drugs
      • Dangers of Synthetic Drugs
      • What a complete crock of bullshit. I have done every designer drug you can name and a shitload you have never even heard of. The fact is, even according to the CDC, 90% of people who use drugs, synthetic or otherwise do NOT have a problem with them. This kind of stupid shit is the epitome of draconian.
      • 03:13pm Jan, 27 2015
    • When Youre Caught On TV At The Game With Your Side Dude!
      • When Youre Caught On TV At The Game With Your Side Dude!
      • What kind of dumb fucking shit is this? Who gives a fucking retarded syphilis infested fuck about this? So she touched some guys neck on TV oh wow call the world news. PLEASE FUCKING KILL YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY AND THEN YOURSELF SO WE CAN BE SURE YOU DO NOT REAPPEAR IN THE GENE POOL!!
      • 06:32pm Jan, 2 2015
    • Kid Horrifies His Mom On Vine
      • Kid Horrifies His Mom On Vine
      • That fucking retarded dumbshit has never had pussy ever. Pussy never had him either...he was a c section. Stupid cock should go kill himself immediately,
      • 06:28pm Jan, 2 2015
    • Just a thought...
      • Just a thought...
      • Because ebaums has turned into a total piece of rotten shit. It is not worth having an app for, all it will do is popup fucking advertisements everywhere. Probably start shooting videos out of your charging and headphone jacks on your phone. In all likelihood the app would just be a huge fucking billboard installed on your phone. Ebaum's doesn't give a fuck about providing a quality product or experience. What a fucking steaming pile of rat shit this site has turned into.
      • 06:24pm Jan, 2 2015
    • 30 blasphemous foods
      • 30 blasphemous foods
      • Oh and another thing you fucking waste of air and life...arranging poutine in circle does not make it a doughnut. I mean for fuck sakes how the fuck are you even still alive? You are obviously too fucking retarded to know how to breathe. Please go kill yourself painfully and immediately as well as publicly so that we can restore faith in humanity.
      • 05:18pm Jan, 2 2015
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