• High The Official Music Video
    • High The Official Music Video

      • Ok, so he's queer, who cares, tons of people are. The thing is, this takes effort to accomplish. He *probably* wrote the whole song. He maybe even composed the whole track. Sorry, but that's more than I can fucking do, and I've tried. So at least there's that. Not to mention the courage it takes to actually put yourself out there and release it to the bloodthirsty masses of internet bad-asses like you guys. Now, as to it's quality compared to the rest of music media? It's shit, but come on. He's in what? middle school? maybe a freshmen? Not too bad given the circumstance, because clearly, he did this all himself as opposed to hiring some "Rebecca Black - Friday" producers. Overall, I give him a 6/10, and mostly for effort. It's easy to sit here, point fingers and laugh, but honestly how many of YOU could come up with anything as good or better?.. Sure, some of you could, but I'd be willing to bet the vast majority of us, myself included, could not. If he keeps it up, continues his edu
      • Jun, 12 2012 08:21am
    • BAD Scooter Fall
    • BAD Scooter Fall

      • Parents score: 3/10. Although I'm a big proponent of letting kids learn things the hard way and not being a restrictive uptight parent, this kid was what? 5? On a relatively steep asphalt incline with a rickety kids scooter. Giving your kids opportunity for new experiences is good, but not when it spits in the face of relative intelligence and safety. What's next? jumping off 40 foot bridges?
      • Apr, 20 2012 08:00pm


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