• Kid Beat Up So Bad He Shits Himself
    • Kid Beat Up So Bad He Shits Himself

      • It wasn't already on the floor. Look before and after the 0:16sec mark. That sucks man. It look like he didn't do too bad in the fight. But I think if you shit yourself during a fight, whether you win or not, you still lose. Cause you are a broken man.
      • Sep, 4 2011 08:46pm
    • Kim Kardashian Photoshop.......but which photo?
    • Kim Kardashian Photoshop.......but...

      • Yeah, I don't have the pricey software and didn't put too much time into it. Still pretty food for the program used and the amount of effort I put in.
      • Aug, 28 2011 12:11pm
    • Boy being eaten by puppies
    • Boy being eaten by puppies

      • come on. did you really think you'd see a boy being eaten alive by puppies? Those tapes don't exist. Thank God I was here to bring us the closest thing to it.
      • Aug, 27 2011 05:35pm


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