• This Will Change Your View Of Islam. I Promise
    • This Will Change Your View Of Islam. I...

      • Cool story bro. But while your trying to show off your intellectual abilities if any, by pulling out random facts, you aren't proving anything. You are failing to realize the bad things happen because of the old arabic cultures. Each country in the M.East have a different culture believe it or not. In Jordan, I walked the streets at 3am and no man approach me, even to just talk or ask why no one is with me and possibly arrest me, let alone want to kill me.. Never would I think of that happening. Arabs make up only 20 percent of the Islam religion. These "beatings" you speak of out of hate, are from countries who retained their very old culture which includes an inferior position to woman and a thirst for riches. It has nothing to with the religion Islam itself. Sometimes cowards can try to justify their actions by twisting words, but we can recognize the true Muslim if he chooses to follow Quran, and not Quran follow him. Just like how an evangelist or missionary can speak words of Jes
      • Mar, 10 2013 04:25am
    • This Will Change Your View Of Islam. I Promise
    • This Will Change Your View Of Islam. I...

      • I am a muslim woman and I can tell you, my huband treats me the best and I'm not forced to do anything. We don't force or expect people to change, but the true colors show in situations like these when we set out information if anyone would like to view (like a harmless video here), and we are told it is forceful because you CHOSE to click on it? And with such nasty baseless words as these based entirely off gullibility, insecurity, and ignorance. I'm appreciative that you've landed on the page in the first place if it was good intention, but fact is nothing provoked your word vomit you have regurgitated here. Thanks, and suck my dick :D
      • Mar, 9 2013 10:54pm
    • Kitten Version of Stevie Wonder
    • Kitten Version of Stevie Wonder

      • Cat do the same thing when you scratch above their tail.. Maybe, that was the cat's morning piss and it felt so good... Only thing missing was the tingle down the spine.
      • Nov, 2 2012 11:16pm


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