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    • Stupid PETA activists
      • Stupid PETA activists
      • Sheep skin? you mean wool...right? They don't kill sheep for wool. I love me a cheeseburger but I don't wear fur because I think it's tacky and I'm not a pimp from Oakland.
      • 08:43pm May, 31 2009
    • I can not believe this..........
      • I can not believe this..........
      • Even though we need to focus on domestic issues, in a global economy we need foreign countries to do so. Imagine the money that would free up if we can get Germany, France and the like to commit to troops in Iraq and Afganistan. Besides we're asking these countries to invest in america and eat our bad debt created by the last administration.That takes a little bit of greasing the wheel and a bit of humility! Obama has been well received overseas in comparison to Bush at these summits. (my mind keeps replaying Bush groping Chancelor Merkel and her horrified face) I think he will return with the consensus that this overseas tour was a success.
      • 11:29am Apr, 10 2009
    • My Question
      • My Question
      • Because no one gives a crap about what someone did for them 100 years ago they care about what someone did for them last week. If Abe Lincoln was running for office I bet African Americans would vote for him, but since any republican involved in abolition is long dead and they have been replaced with corporate tools who would publicly rape the US if they thought it would improve their profit margin then I think you'll continue to see party line fall where they do!
      • 08:36pm Mar, 30 2009
    • My Question
      • My Question
      • He was probably more fluent in spanish than he was in english...zing!
      • 08:29pm Mar, 30 2009
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