• lacrosse fight
    • lacrosse fight

      • Hou Cuuutte that lil fight was short sweet to the point..
      • Jul, 29 2008 04:05am
    • Briliant condom add ....banned
    • Briliant condom add ....banned

      • Not understanding why it was banned.. You have all kinds of suggestive shit on TV yet this is bad? America is totally schitzo when it comes to this Puritanical and G*d fearing on one side yet secularist borderline agnostic on the other attitude towards the intimate relations between human beings. How is Broke Back mountain any better..Even the title on that shit is mad suggestive..
      • Jul, 29 2008 03:56am
    • Asian bloods gang fight
    • Asian bloods gang fight

      • mad corny just funny how they're portrayed as innocent and meek... and they cant use nigga ... didn't earn that right... but they're still mad wack and will get fucked up in a real hood
      • Jul, 29 2008 03:45am
    • Priest Off
    • Priest Off

      • you piece of shit first of all protestands are direct descendants- religiously speaking- of ctholics and if youre jewish please your talmud says you have the right to have incest and pure little prepubescent children for pleasure like that nasty rabbi who raped a 3 yr old.. if you're muslim.. i need say no more.. countless horrific tales.. same with jews yet you want to spotlight catholics.. don't get me started bitch..
      • Jul, 29 2008 03:42am
    • Shocking.........
    • Shocking.........

      • Actually that ad kept it very real I like in your face adverts like thios because it shows the reality of illegal firearms inthe hood. You know and I know that this scenario just depicted happens. Just yesterday on the 28th of July 2008 a 10 yr old kid was shot in the neck in Newark .. except it wasn't a commercial... Sometimes people need the shock factor to drive th point home..Hearing about it o the news sanitized without the imagery is not necessarily a diservice but it has to expressed that this happends every day and if noone throws it in your face and makes you handle it then what.. and dot come at me with the racial crap... a disproportionate number of black males own illegal firearms and are killed by them at a crazy ratio relative to their population... good work America needs these kinds of ads maybe people will see that this may be a reenactment of a scene that takes place all too often in the hood
      • Jul, 29 2008 03:34am


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