• Politician Logic
    • Politician Logic

      • When was the last time you got a job from someone on welfare? Exactly.
      • Oct, 18 2012 03:27pm
    • Politician Logic
    • Politician Logic

      • So what should we do? Give to all the lazy motherfuckers in this country who do absolutely jack shit to contribute to society? How about more Obamaphones? STFU and go smoke some more weed in your mom's basement. Maybe get a fucking job...oh wait, there aren't any because we have a complete fucking asshole/moron in office who thinks we can all survive on hopes and dreams.
      • Oct, 18 2012 03:26pm
    • Good Guy Cop Vs Douchebag Activists
    • Good Guy Cop Vs Douchebag Activists

      • Half my post was not posted, weird. I totally agree, this asshole went looking for a confrontation and is why he gives gun owners a bad name. Had the cop not done the RIGHT thing and this kid ended up dead, then his folks would have sued cost everyone even more money. The cop wins this one by a long shot. I mean if you are a die hard open carry "kinda guy", good for you. I'm sure the police in your town know you and ignore the calls about you. But this little shit head probably went out and bought that gun just to make this video. I have an issue with that, as does everyone else, and rightfully so.
      • Aug, 21 2012 08:33pm
    • Good Guy Cop Vs Douchebag Activists
    • Good Guy Cop Vs Douchebag Activists

      • C.) Legal gun owners could carry concealed to avoid a million calls to the police, which is the current law in 41 states, and because of a case in MD (Woollard), it is likely to become that way in all 50 after this case reaches the SC.And why are we nuts because we own guns? Your nuts if you don't.
      • Aug, 21 2012 07:43pm
    • Good Guy Cop Vs Douchebag Activists
    • Good Guy Cop Vs Douchebag Activists

      • Ok, I am a huge 2A, especially coming from a state that treats felons better than its tax paying citizens...but a few things about this retarded kid and comments so far.1.) Yes, the kid is obviously a douchebag, however, he is in his legal rights so truly calling him a douche is no different than calling everyone on election day a douche for voting, plain and simple.2.) If your freedom of speech was hated on as much as the 2A or the police casually walked in to search your place without a warrant, wouldn't try to make a point where/whenever possible to speak out against this behavior? There is something to be said about standing up for your rights, regardless if you like guns or not. If you call yourself an American, then you should at least appreciate this video from that standpoint, despite wanting to choke this kid out.3.) Believe it or not, the Supreme Court ruled many years ago that although the 2A does deal with firearms, which are "dangerous to everyone," and magically grow legs
      • Aug, 21 2012 07:41pm
    • Who is Paul Ryan? 7 Fast Facts for Getting Caught Up
    • Who is Paul Ryan? 7 Fast Facts for...

      • Oh yeah and its all good that Obama has dinners hosted by top Hollywood insiders for $35k per plate. Don't see any of you fucks crying foul over that one. Go back to your room and smoke some more pole.
      • Aug, 15 2012 10:47pm
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