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    • To Catch A Predator Spoof
      • To Catch A Predator Spoof
      • predator is it possible to be less funny? like seriously all you talk about is penises and fags. so either your 11 or your trying to hide your gayness by making fun of it
      • 02:47pm Jun, 4 2008
    • Wal-Mart Sign
      • Wal-Mart Sign
      • Ok for everyone thats is saying stuff about how stupid people are that shop at walmart, does this mean you have never shopped at walmart? and i doubt this really tricked many customers, i mean if it didnt fool anyone on here why would it fool walmart shoppers?
      • 03:02pm May, 30 2008
    • Gas Pump Humor
      • Gas Pump Humor
      • yea but your money is worth more than ours. your gas may cost 8 american dollars but the euro is worth 2 us dollars so we break about even, bucko
      • 10:00pm May, 28 2008
    • Obama T-Shirts
      • Obama T-Shirts
      • so its worse than people making fun of Bush? or joking on mccain because of his age. there is racism every where. how many rap songs do you hear say the word cracker and stuff of that nature?... alot and what happens? nothing. no body makes a big deal out of it, but just say one white guy said nigga in a song what would happen? rev jesse jackson and all his black panther brothas would be protesting and all sorts of things about racism. i guess blacks cant be racist but you better believe whites can
      • 10:29pm May, 21 2008
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