• Elaborate Marriage Proposal
    • Elaborate Marriage Proposal

      • are you people fucking serious? this guy is a fucking genius. you're all talking so much shit but seriously i think you're jealous that you'll never have something like this, being the basement dwellers that you all are. this was an extremely creative way to propose and they're probably happily married and you cant stand it so you all park your fat asses in front of the computer screen to talk shit about a nice moment.
      • Jul, 9 2009 03:21am
    • Go See SEX DRIVE
    • Go See SEX DRIVE

      • all insults and bs aside, I actually liked Sex Drive, it was the first time in a long time I was actually happy after watching a movie. Seth Green was great in it
      • Jun, 17 2009 05:15pm
    • Fuck The Police
    • Fuck The Police

      • The cops don't make the laws you stupid fuck. They ENFORCE them. And you can't say because 2 cops fucked up that all cops are assholes. You're just being a bitter, whiny little prick because there's things in this world that you don't have control over. Go ahead and leave your seat belt off, at least then maybe your stupid ass will get your fucking head severed and none of us will have to deal with your stupid, drug induced, idiotic fucking opinions.
      • Jun, 16 2009 03:05pm
    • Girls Are Not Objects
    • Girls Are Not Objects

      • What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing. You already told the bitch twice!
      • Aug, 22 2008 03:43am
    • Dog Dies While Cop Detains Owners
    • Dog Dies While Cop Detains Owners

      • Jesus Christ you people must be either 6 year old dog lovers or fucking retarded. The guy was driving 100 mph BREAKING THE LAW. Gee what's a cop's job again? Durr dunno to enforce the fucking laws! Regardless of how much you love a pet it's still a pet, an animal. And because it's in danger doesn't give you the right to break the law. Quit acting like you're some kind of animal rights activist white knight. Fuck you.
      • Aug, 22 2008 03:37am


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