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    • Slap in the face truth.
      • Slap in the face truth.
      • Weed is bad for certain organs because your smoking it, I know for a fact its bad for your bladder, prostate, and lungs, but you have to smoke a shit load or have health problems for it to really do damage. If you smoke too much your lungs cannot clean themselves but it takes alot of toking for that to happen, and I have health problems involving my prostate every time I try and smoke it puts me in pretty bad pain. I'm not saying its terrible for you or anything but he is right too much is a bad thing, or if you have certain health problems it can really mess you up. Believe me if I could light up still I would, and I too want it legalized.
      • 01:10pm Aug, 16 2012
    • Why Ron Paul Is An Ignoramus
      • Why Ron Paul Is An Ignoramus
      • oh ya grammar makes you smart ok this is the last comment i make grammar nazi, do some research that isn't so bias marijuana doesn't increase thoughts of suicide thats such an ignorant statement, if anything alcohol increases thoughts of suicide far more, look up some statistics about suicides and see how many people have alcohol or marijuana in their system i guarantee there will be no one who has marijuana alone in their system but there are plenty that will have alcohol in them
      • 11:48am Aug, 15 2012
    • Why Ron Paul Is An Ignoramus
      • Why Ron Paul Is An Ignoramus
      • bahahaha "Marijuana can cause hallucinations and lead to suicide attempts" I was going to start debating you but your too fuckin stupid
      • 11:09am Aug, 15 2012
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