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    • Judge Tells It Like It Is!
      • Judge Tells It Like It Is!
      • Liberalism is a disease! Did you know 90% of all the mass shooters were registered Democrats or had parents that were! Funny how that didn't get into the main stream press. And you say we're crazy? You and people like you are part of the problem!!!
      • 07:41pm Feb, 4 2013
    • 1000 Green Berets Stand up against Obama
      • 1000 Green Berets Stand up against Obama
      • The reason the country is were it's at is because of dip shits like you!! You liberals created this mess by taking away the death penalty in most states, we can't discipline or yell at our kids because they'll be"traumatized" so you let em run wild and now you want to disarm good law abiding citizens and give the criminals a field day!! Your the wacko for keeping your head buried in the sand and thinking everything is just fine! Another thing, he doesn't need your "stars".
      • 08:54am Feb, 1 2013
    • Back When It Was Cool To Smoke
      • Back When It Was Cool To Smoke
      • What all this shows is that companies fed you bullshit for a long ass time because all they want to do is.......... MAKE MONEY! That's what drives everything today as well!! You think because there is more technology that you're not gonna get lied to? Think again!
      • 05:24pm Jan, 31 2013
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About Me
I am for the 2nd amendment. I am for LESS government and more FREEDOM. I don't agree with people who think that they need the government to be their guide and tell them what to do. I believe in thinking for yourself. George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, and Foster Brooks are my favorite comedians. I don't like Religions jammed down my throat, but I do believe in the idea of Karma because I have seen it in action many times. My creed is : I don't have any time for bullshit and I don't give it. The 3 things I love the most is playing and making music, riding my bike, and eating pussy. ( not necessarily in that order ) I also dislike rap music and think that everyone has gotten lazy in being creative!
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