• Parents Publicly Shame Girl With Sign
    • Parents Publicly Shame Girl With Sign

      • Maybe her parents should take a look at some of their actions that might have lead to their child acting out in such a way. The sign says she sneaks boys in....could that possibly have something to do with the fact that she is missing the male affection in her life where it should be coming from...her father? And, her mother is married to a man that doesn't look to be old enough to even be that child's father. He sounds like a real genius too. Shame does not work as a form of punishment. It only causes resentment, and adds to the problem. This is the WORST way to try to resolve their child's issues.
      • Dec, 1 2012 04:07pm
    • Mom Sleepwalking & Reaction To Footage
    • Mom Sleepwalking & Reaction To Footage

      • When my sister had bronchitis in high school, they put her on a codine cough syrup. She sleep walked to my room, threw open the door, and asked me if I had any cheese..."cheddah cheese?", then she went back to bed. Sleepwalkers do some the craziest stuff.
      • Sep, 12 2012 10:44pm
    • Cops Attempt To Raid Garage Sale
    • Cops Attempt To Raid Garage Sale

      • I mean, if your not selling guns, or doing something stupid, why not just let them look. shit, they may buy something lol! People treat cops like shit here based on a few bad ones. I bet they wouldn't mind the officers being on their private property if someone reported their house was being broken into. And, it sounds from the video like this is not the first time the cops have had to deal with these people
      • Jul, 7 2012 04:30pm
    • Woman Reporter Discusses Her Attack From Trolling
    • Woman Reporter Discusses Her Attack...

      • I don't know how this woman feels she has the right to call herself a victim. This is the worst kind of sensationalism I've seen in reporting in a long time. Everything is about ratings these days...who cares if we stretch the truth or exaggerate. Victim psh. A beaten woman is a victim, she just got trolled by some attention hungry teen.
      • Apr, 26 2012 07:15pm
    • Dude Freaks Out Over Drugs in MW3
    • Dude Freaks Out Over Drugs in MW3

      • It's not the video game company's responsibility to censor their content for 10 year old viewers, that's the parents' job. They are rated for a reason. He should have more of an issue with the fact that his parents bought the game for him to begin with.
      • Apr, 20 2012 09:29pm
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