• Shut it all Down
    • Shut it all Down

      • lol i dont think too many would like that very much am sure there are far too many out there that might be actually ashamed
      • Oct, 2 2016 06:01am
    • Shut it all Down
    • Shut it all Down

      • yeh i know i was being a bit in generalizing about shutting it all down but was just refering to anything that is not needed but yeh too many serious businesses rely on lots of online to function now, just wish could shut it all down and see how it would affect how people would interact with one another
      • Oct, 2 2016 02:08am
    • RIP Freddy
    • RIP Freddy

      • no body is asking you to feel sorry but to give respect for what they do asshat
      • Jun, 26 2014 01:44pm
    • The Dishonesty of Homosexuality
    • The Dishonesty of Homosexuality

      • i think this is all just too damn funny i am not atheist but i dont practice any religion outright as i find way to many hypocrites who preach about so much shit but dont follow their own advice, on gays i dont hold any grudge against them and i say let them live their own lives and if they want to adopt a poor kid and raise him/her let them "waits to see how this goes"
      • Jun, 26 2014 01:42pm
    • Guns guns and even more guns
    • Guns guns and even more guns

      • as i said this was all just an opinion nothing factual just my own point of view wasnt trying to change anyones mind
      • Jun, 26 2014 10:54am


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