• RIP Freddy
    • RIP Freddy

      • no body is asking you to feel sorry but to give respect for what they do asshat
      • Jun, 26 2014 01:44pm
    • The Dishonesty of Homosexuality
    • The Dishonesty of Homosexuality

      • i think this is all just too damn funny i am not atheist but i dont practice any religion outright as i find way to many hypocrites who preach about so much shit but dont follow their own advice, on gays i dont hold any grudge against them and i say let them live their own lives and if they want to adopt a poor kid and raise him/her let them "waits to see how this goes"
      • Jun, 26 2014 01:42pm
    • Guns guns and even more guns
    • Guns guns and even more guns

      • as i said this was all just an opinion nothing factual just my own point of view wasnt trying to change anyones mind
      • Jun, 26 2014 10:54am
    • 5 Reasons Why I Hate Walmart
    • 5 Reasons Why I Hate Walmart

      • i have been working at wal-mart for bout 9 years now and i agree that for the most part it is a very shitty place to work but for someone that doesnt have much means to get around or no college education it is at the least a very stable job during this shitty economy, the only thing i have going for me is most of the managers there like me not becuase i kiss ass but i get things done but agree that the company on a whole is a fucking basterd, yesterday woman i know got fired becuase she was in hospital becuase she couldnt breath, she was on her d-day( last chance before getting fired) and they fired her for calling in that is how big of a dick company they can be the only person i know there that can get away with calling in 3 times a week is this one guy that has pancratic cancer and since he is on chemo and has the intermidate leave they cant do a thing although they dis try to screw him out of $12,000 for the year he was out on le
      • Jan, 1 2012 11:04am
    • FINALLY!!!
    • FINALLY!!!

      • lol was not going for long or even remotely interesting
      • Jan, 26 2011 09:27am


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