• Christians praying in the street then -
    • Christians praying in the street then -

      • GuanYu you are only half correct, you must also note that the Media is largely to blame. I mean, you said someone who committed a murder/rape is innocent. That mofo isn't innocent, lol. The media makes you feel certain people are more prone to things than others, when reality all you need is common sense to analyse simple things like not all arabs are terrorists, not all blacks are violent, not all whites are cowardly racists who take their anger out on the internet. There is just simply a LARGE amount of people who refuse to use these barometers. Easier for the common man to be afraid of everyone and everything, Consider everything outside their realm a personal threat (like they are important) and think everything they do is innocent and right. That, is what i think Christians do the worse. Is blindly listen to what is right and wrong. Islam does alot of crazy shit, but they are completely self motivated (how many raids from Islam have you seen? or is it just one man who had enough
      • Aug, 22 2016 03:09pm
    • Hero Cop Rescues Woman and Children From Violent Husband
    • Hero Cop Rescues Woman and Children...

      • The irony of ignorant people. Instead of baggin this guy, you reverse what you guys just said and bring race into a issue that honestly doesn't even involve race. Plenty of asian, black, and hispanic officers to go with the nearly 80% of the population (whites). Not that the retards screaming blue lives matter and #blacklivesonlymatter could possiably understand. We are all screwed lmao...
      • Jul, 30 2016 02:31pm
    • 16 White People Really Doubling Down On Their Whiteness
    • 16 White People Really Doubling Down On...

      • Its almost as if....the same people made these stereotypes.... but i dont know lmao. I would rather be a broke ass hungry government slave than own everything i have lmao.
      • Jul, 27 2016 12:27pm
    • 16 White People Really Doubling Down On Their Whiteness
    • 16 White People Really Doubling Down On...

      • We are supposed to be integrated idiot, we share the same culture. People just don't get it (every side of the line). But you can vote this coming november and totally have a chance to save this country, right? Vote (R)emidial or (D)umbass. Having a hard time picking between the two.
      • Jul, 27 2016 12:26pm


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