• Horrific Police Brutality Caught On Store Camera
    • Horrific Police Brutality Caught On...

      • Seriously who here is surprised we can find a new video like this every single day. They need to make it legal to intervene in police who cannot abide by laws (like if you record a cop doing some shit like this you should be able to stop that shit without getting tasered). Lets be honest when shit like this get over-perpetuated as it will it does nothing but further distances racial relations which is seriously throwing this country into a second civil war. Rome is burning.
      • Jul, 22 2015 06:20pm
    • Black Man Gets Pulled Over by Caucasian Police Officer
    • Black Man Gets Pulled Over by Caucasian...

      • Flexall; I am half white and black. Your comment would be directed towards both races sir. Furthermore, my comment is directed to the white people who blame all minorities different, which could include whatever former soviet country your family came from. Furthermore, your slav family would have been looked at and been a lot safer than any black family.
      • Jul, 5 2015 03:56pm
    • Black Man Gets Pulled Over by Caucasian Police Officer
    • Black Man Gets Pulled Over by Caucasian...

      • You are dumber than a giant bag a rocks if you don't think Scaredy ass white America (on the soil of conquered people) treat every minority different. They took everything that theirs today, passed down from ignorance. They are completely in fear that the very shit they took can be taken (even though blacks are too dumb or too scared to really care) and they treat the foundation of this fake nation like crap. Who built the columns that made the white house, lined our economy and to this day work the shitty low paying jobs so lazy fucks can get pay raises? Blacks shouldn't have to act no different than anyone especially whites, cant call me ignorant because i expect to be treating the same. And every black (and minority at that) should stand their respective grounds. The world is now witnessing so fuck these closet racists.
      • Jun, 20 2015 12:34pm


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