• Pissed Off Mother Gets Into A Fight With The Subway Employees Making Her Sandwich
    • Pissed Off Mother Gets Into A Fight...

      • LMAO She is torturing a shit ton of blacks with her outstanding ignorance, yet most these clowns still want to make it a race thing. Loud mouth bitch and the like are simply unwanted by civilized, open minded individuals. There is a tribe in Africa, a shitty ass communist/secular state in eastern Europe, plenty of white supremacist/fascists in central Europe. If in 2016 you still get hard coming together to talk bad about a specific race or religion then you are brainwashed, and a pawn for ww3. Peace to all but the simple minded.
      • Nov, 17 2016 02:41pm
    • Dad Films Ghost Pushing Swing At Park
    • Dad Films Ghost Pushing Swing At Park

      • It is not that much more aerodynamic. Fuck you think i didn't notice that the kid seats have "holes"? I would think the wind would be noticeable within some other element if it is swinging that seat. The weight between the two would have an affect as well. I never seen that particular seat but whenever i see swings swinging they are all swinging, btw. Fucking dickhead
      • Nov, 11 2016 05:49am
    • Gut-Wrenching Footage From The Front Lines In The Fight For Standing Rock
    • Gut-Wrenching Footage From The Front...

      • 2deepcaca These pipes were originally going through a different area ("white land", i assume you needed that context) but they didn't want that so it got re-routed. Beyond that, its on their reservation. Beyond that, these natives are telling us to ditch fossil fuels to save the environment dipshit, these people are trying to progress; not the money hoarding pricks screaming in a microphone, waiting for some other laborers to do their work later. The fuck outta here like you know what your talking about sheep. There are pipelines that need cleaning in Michigan, and we are more than advanced enough to depend on renewable, clean, and cheaper energy. The only problem people have (and their dumbass "prideful" followers) is the cheap part. As i always say, America is fucked if we dont come together and turn around.
      • Nov, 1 2016 01:44pm


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