• Cop Pulls His Tazer Over Parking Ticket
    • Cop Pulls His Tazer Over Parking Ticket

      • So many police officers need to have their inferiority complexes reviewed by doctors along with an I.Q. test to see if it is a good idea to arm these folks so they can harass and terrorize us as citizens. How ever with that said, this is not the same America I was sold as a kid. This is another country now, The U.S.A. is fast become just a state in the world government and the land of the free seems to be a distant memory. Our nations politics and movements are more and more outside the rule of law. Not to mention that the whole voting process seems more and more like a puppet show for adults put on by the money that runs this grand charade. If you ever truly feel free, I dare you to stop a cop, person to person, and say," Hey officer! (pause) Good job out there fellas." I double dog dare you to try it, You will probably get beat up, and at the very least you will be harassed. doubt me? Try it.
      • May, 6 2011 03:51am
    • Armed Robbery Fail
    • Armed Robbery Fail

      • Imagine what it would be like if they worked that hard at a real job? Oh it would be the same, a crappy performance right before they steal something. It would be fun to go back in time and show rap music and videos like this to Martin Luther King and ask Him what his dream was really all about? If you Brownies do not like it then go be a productive part of society and prove your worth. Handle your people so cops do not have to!
      • Nov, 24 2010 04:16am
    • Worst Tattoo Customer
    • Worst Tattoo Customer

      • This is what i do for a living. These kind of costumers are rare but they do exist and they suck worse than gay porn at a taliban festival! They deserve to be treated like shit and have fuck you pussy written on them for life. But we do not do that. This guy has a lot of patience and for what it's worth, if you come get a tattoo and whine like that? All the respect you seem to get is a lie, We hate you and make fun of you and if we are lucky we have video to prove how much you suck and then put that shit on line. We work on commission and have to be nice. I would have sent that bitch packing.
      • Sep, 30 2010 05:38am


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