• Atheism and Morality
    • Atheism and Morality

      • I knew this would get comments. Your replies are not at all what I expected though.
      • Aug, 23 2012 08:02pm
    • Atheism and Morality
    • Atheism and Morality

      • I asked the most outspoken atheist I know a simple question. Do you believe in ghosts, demons, spirits or karma? If so please explain how all of that evolved. Then just for balance I ask the most devout people I know the same question, but ask them to explain how a ghost could get lost between the land of the living and wtf they should be.
      • Aug, 21 2012 09:46pm
    • CREW asks FCC to revoke News Corp's Broadcast license
    • CREW asks FCC to revoke News Corp's...

      • If you cannot defeat the message, get rid of it! A pattern of misconduct is easy to make against NBC. Dateline rigged a test that blew up a Chevy truck, trying to say Chevy trucks were unsafe. Chevy sued and won millions. NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC all edited film and audio to make someone seem guilty of murder. CBS faked documents to try and change a Presidential election ( Rather ). Does that not speak ill of the owners moral standards? Does that mean they should lose their broadcast licenses?
      • Jul, 10 2012 07:46pm
    • Zombie Ammo
    • Zombie Ammo

      • Decent ammo, but wait til it is cheaper than vmax, or just get the vmax.
      • Jun, 11 2012 10:30am


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