• 17 Spot On Accents From The British Isles
    • 17 Spot On Accents From The British...

      • So true. I happen to be one of the leading tea, crumpet and ignorant retarded cliche providers for the country and I can tell you now that I've always wondered how Skipper Tea McWorthington from Ecclesbury town sounds so different from Eggs Benedict McGrath from Swinnington. It's madness it is when we all just live next door to each other.
      • Apr, 6 2014 01:54am
    • Glad It's Friday
    • Glad It's Friday

      • Maybe I'm a bit evil, I don't know, but for whatever reason I really just want to punch that fucking retarded fat girl in 16. I think it might be to do with her genuine look of shock at the displacement of water out of the tub upon her massive self making contact with it. Did she seriously not think that was going to happen? Whatever anyway, she really irritated me.
      • Mar, 1 2014 12:49pm
    • Ted Nugent Crushes Piers Morgan
    • Ted Nugent Crushes Piers Morgan

      • Hahahahahaha, I'm English and I don't really have any strong views on the gun debate but any time I see this fucking dick head on your T.V. show I feel thankful that you guys have to put up with him now instead of us! Hope you keep Piers Morgan across the other side of the pond for as long as possible, we don't want that fucker back over here! I seriously have no idea what CNN were thinking.
      • Feb, 14 2014 09:24pm
    • The Illuminati in Popular Culture
    • The Illuminati in Popular Culture

      • A couple of them were kind of cool I guess but the last one is so fucking retarded that it needs a helmet and a padded wheelchair. How can anyone claim that dot above the 'i' has any similarity to the number '6' at all!? It's just a circle/squiggle!
      • Jan, 29 2014 04:45am


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