• Epic Beard Man Bus Fight
    • Epic Beard Man Bus Fight

      • You must be black if you watch this and still have to think the old man was a "dushbag". (also you can't spell so another reason you must be black) The old man walked away to get away from the problem and the dude follows him up and hits him. Old man beats the shit out of him like he deserves. All they guy had to do was stay put instead of starting the fight.
      • Jun, 23 2012 07:00am
    • What We Are Capable Of
    • What We Are Capable Of

      • So your a disgruntled poor person. Guess what if you were poor in another country do you think you would be sitting on your ass using the internet to look at shit because you are bored? That shows that food, and shelter are not your top priority. I am an electrical engineer that spent 2 years in the peace corp. You think its bad in the us, get the fuck out we dont want you here and There are plenty of people that we can trade for you. How many people in the us die of starving? we will supply people a place to stay and food and other things for people too poor to provide for themselves. If you were a single mom with 3 kids in any other country do you really think you would qualify for 3600 a month in aid? nope. Maybe you should stop being on ebaumsworld and use the americas TERRIBLE EDUCATION to get a degree and actually make some money for youself instead of bitching because everyone has more money than you and it makes you mad that us is corporate america.
      • Jul, 18 2011 05:14pm
    • Monday Morning Randomness
    • Monday Morning Randomness

      • #17 so fucking wrong. The reason the keyboard is in the layout it is is actually be the slowest it can be so that when they were first invented you couldn't type so fast that you get the keyprinters tangled into eachother. There was a new keyboard made that actually optimises which keys you hit the most often into the easiest spots but it couldn't catch on because everyone is used to the old "qwerty" keyboard. Nice try whatever fucking jackass made that picture.
      • Jul, 4 2011 06:42pm


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