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    • Bull comparisons
      • Bull comparisons
      • This is some really funny stuff and should be featured. Great job dude.
      • 05:25pm Jan, 19 2009
    • Cute Cat
      • Cute Cat
      • Unless it was a jew kitten, then there woulda been worse problems like, "What happened to cat Adolf?" "He was a jew!!!!!! You didnt tell me!?!?!?!" and then some crazy shit would go down and hitler would end not only annhialating jews but cats too!! Just aweful to think of it. Not just the people or just the cats but the combo is just sickening.
      • 09:35am Dec, 7 2008
    • Cat Wants Food
      • Cat Wants Food
      • Shaken baby syndrome applies to cats too assholes!! Keep shakin it like that and it will never know which fuckin way is up!!!
      • 09:32am Dec, 7 2008
    • Clumsy Kitty
      • Clumsy Kitty
      • the cat is like, "AAAAAAAAA!!!!! They got me, the commies got me help! HELP!!!" and then they let it out and its like "You dont know what its like on the inside man, you just dont know!"
      • 09:30am Dec, 7 2008
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