• Kid Gets Scarred For Life
    • Kid Gets Scarred For Life

      • This is a great video for so many reasons... I remember I was scarred for life by my father splashing water on me in the boat and telling me it was a great white shark (not too long after watching Jaws)...This kid is now going to fear a bunch of things for the rest of his life!!!
      • May, 7 2012 04:48pm
    • 24 Concepts You Can't Disagree With
    • 24 Concepts You Can't Disagree With

      • its usually because I smoke a joint and pause the music to talk to someone and never turn it back on... then when you do end up turning it on, the music scares you because you were listening to something really heavy REALLY loud
      • May, 7 2012 03:26pm
    • Heartfelt music
    • Heartfelt music

      • Honestly... this is one of the most funniest things I have ever heard... I cant stop laughing at it... He should have a stage all his own... great upload
      • May, 7 2012 03:17pm
    • World's Wildest Police Videos - REMIX
    • World's Wildest Police Videos - REMIX

      • This is actually quite clever, although - I must say... it would be a lot more exciting if it was an amateur video of you shooting at police officers with hip hop playing in the background... this is something that would go VIRAL and you could be the most famous man on YOUTUBE (for one day)
      • May, 7 2012 03:00pm


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