• Construction Worker Has  Heart Felt Message For His Old High School Teacher
    • Construction Worker Has Heart Felt...

      • pff i'm 30 years old, doing machine maintenance... I'm a lot stronger and healthier than the teachers I remember. That moment you have to spread your desks so he can walk by gasping for air.... Sitting at a desk doesn't make you live longer or healthier. Love my job.
      • Mar, 7 2018 11:34am
    • Transgender Father Impregnated by Transgender Mother, Twice
    • Transgender Father Impregnated by...

      • Have to tell your kids you're a guy or a girl? They are going to know wayyyyy before you are ready to tell them. I feel worse for the boys that talk shit about their mom and do yo mamma jokes saying they fucked her. You are going to scar MANY more people than just your children. lmfao
      • Mar, 7 2018 11:15am
    • This Is What A Paranoid Schizophrenic's Episode Looks Like
    • This Is What A Paranoid Schizophrenic's...

      • TLDR; I fucked a candy cane. My friends stepmom has this... if I'd posted videos I'd be a top youtuber but I'm not a dick and they are good people (medicated) :P. I came over 1 day to his house and after knocking on the door a couple of times he came to the door PISSED... yelling, WHAT!? as he opened the door... I asked why he was so mad. He said he was asleep and Pam hit him over the head with a rotary phone. I about died laughing. The second episode I witnessed when I came over was her spraying dish soap on the couch, Ron came out and I asked what she was doing... she said "Cleaning." A FAVORITE: So Pam and Ron are both on disability. She refused to pay her half of the rent until the spiders were gone... (there were no spiders) Ron was upset about it and was pissed that they were gonna lose their house. I told him I would take care of it and brought over a large pesticide sprayer (filled with water) I sprayed the whole house and she thanked me for my a job well done and she
      • Feb, 27 2018 11:34am


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