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    • 9 Ways To Survive A Holiday Dinner
      • 9 Ways To Survive A Holiday Dinner
      • The helicopter in that vid was being operated giving it lift dipshit. Also they weigh around 2 tons. I know you are a common troll... but with that comment, I don't know you were trolling or are just stupid.
      • 05:17am Dec, 10 2013
    • Cute Girl Unleashes Powerful Super Burp
      • Cute Girl Unleashes Powerful Super Burp
      • Lol... a male trait? I I wish you the best of luck... but sorry i've been married for 7 years... and she is the most beautiful girl in the world to me. But she farts and burps like everyone else in the world. If you are that shallow please note... I missed out on a girl in middle school who was pretty, and ended up in highschool being very beautiful and one of the prettiest girls. She wanted to "go out with me." but i thought i saw a small boog in her nose in middleschool... lol nothing ever happened because of that. I wouldn't trade my wife for anything... but to say this beautiful girl asked me out made me proud that she was attracted to me. I still feel bad to this day that I was so shallow... And I don't consider myself worthy of this beautiful girl, which makes me hope I didn't break her heart and make her very selfconscious. After being 25 years old and having a wife... you end up realizing, everyone is human... nobody is perfect. Even the most beautiful women in the world
      • 07:11am Nov, 29 2013
    • Man Claims Abandoned Homes Are Up For Grabs!
      • Man Claims Abandoned Homes Are Up For Grabs!
      • Not sure if you are a troll or just stupid. ITS YOUR PROPERTY. When you go on vacation and park your car at the airport... I'm gonna take it. Well you weren't using it so I will. That's that Penn and Teller bullshit. "I'm not taking pie from you... i'm just giving pie to me." The rich are rich generally because they try... people who have money deserve to spend it however they want. But when some douche nozzle who doesn't save their money and blows it on weed and alcohol... unable to get a job because they can't pass a drug test, COMPLAINS about someone who has more money than them? SERIOUSLY you can go fuck yourself.
      • 03:17am Nov, 28 2013
    • Tractor Engine Explosion
      • Tractor Engine Explosion
      • This is a Tractor Sledge Pull. (here is a tractor drag race... -_- A sledge is where the tractor (shown in the vid) pulls a sled which has a certain amount of weight attached. The weight is gradually transferred to the front of the sled the farther the tractor goes... making it harder. To win you have to travel the farthest with the sledge slowly shifting weight. A tractor Drag Race is a RACE. In order for it to be a race you probably need competitors to race against.
      • 06:54am Nov, 15 2013
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