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      • "White People Crazy" (Official Music Video) by Rawcus
      • LYRICS: Black people they lazy, black people Lazy... Rosa parks she lazy, Jesse Jackson he lazy, Oprah Winfrey she lazy, Bill Cosby he crayyyyy! Black people they cray, chicken on their mind, all you gotta do is turn on BET one time to see that black girls they cray, black boys they cray. Then they get all crazy and they have a mentally challenged baby. Have you, ever, thought, of this, no! no this is what they tell ya... 83 percent of black people will end up on welfare. I see black people kissin obama on the mouth, and I see those white white people, wonderin when they gonna cut this shit out? man yall fuckin, black people lazy... black people lazy... black people lazy... black people they lazy...
      • 08:06am Feb, 12 2014
    • Racist School Lunch Menu For Black History Month
      • Racist School Lunch Menu For Black History Month
      • OMG if you put watermelon with fried chicken... totally racist. Really wtf. Black people like watermelon... and they like fried chicken. Maybe not all but most. It's not a stereotype when its a frieken FACT. Instead of this bullshit... How about we get scientific about it, put 100 black guys up against chicken and watermelon then do the same with whites. The watermelon i'm sure would be the most eaten by both. The fried chicken, blacks would win.
      • 06:43am Feb, 11 2014
    • 10 Amazing Formal Office Complaints
      • 10 Amazing Formal Office Complaints
      • I think you missed the part where I agreed to missing that part and acknowledged what you saw. I missed it, you are all that is holy and great. I think this is where that that one mofo started his shit where he commented "Fake" on every video. Yeah thats what I should do... Forget facts... Know that dude with the Will Smith avatar? Everything is fake.
      • 09:28am Feb, 7 2014
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