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    • Random Stranger Rescues Man From Burning House
      • Random Stranger Rescues Man From Burning House
      • You guys realize there is a thing called teamspeak or skype where you can talk to each other about your gay tendencies without typing it? Fucking want to see what other people actually commented about the video. You have to skip through to the original comments before it was featured to get past all the idiots. People who are introverts in reality that use EBW as a medium to express their darkest desires.
      • 01:43am Oct, 20 2014
    • Badass Biker Dog Waves To Other Bikers
      • Badass Biker Dog Waves To Other Bikers
      • White Castle is paying 13 dollars per hour! Just work 8 hours a few days a week and earn a real paycheck! Or you could look at what the CEO of the company 'Jobs spot' is making in the comment below for retards boosting his website. OR you could spend your life spamming like Ourst1957 to earn 15 dollars a month for your WOW account... I might actually turn this in to google as fraud saying they pay this shit to regular people who spam shit and see what I get replied.
      • 07:44am Oct, 17 2014
    • Ping Pong Cup Trick Shots
      • Ping Pong Cup Trick Shots
      • I guess if you do it enough times on video you will get it. Would be more impressive if they did it all in a row instead of little clips of luckiness.
      • 10:17am Oct, 14 2014
    • Dude, Are You 5?
      • Dude, Are You 5?
      • Fucking copycat people making lame staged parodies... This vid was probably actually made by a 5 year olds... And whoever 5 stard this fails because he didn't see the original apparently.
      • 10:30am Oct, 10 2014
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