• Right Wing Extremists
    • Right Wing Extremists

      • The reason I pointed it out is the fact that about ten cops ran up on the van, some toting fully automatic assault rifles. The van was riddled with bullet holes, so he probably resembled swiss cheese at that point. I'm not a right wing extremist, douchebag. I love how people apply the word "typical" to everything when they simply don't understand something. What I observed in this video is a couple of lunatics with assualt rifles shoot cops during a routine stop, followed by cops trying to justify running a police state from this sort of slightly rare occasion. It was obvious, so I decided to point out something that wasn't. Do I really need to explain this in-depth, or can you grasp it from there..?
      • Jun, 17 2012 06:41am
    • Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices
    • Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices

      • The dolphins left me unimpressed. I can do that with a fart in a swimming pool. Just don't inhale the toxic bubbles. It's all in the sphincter, man.
      • Jun, 17 2012 06:27am
    • Rare  White  Killer  Whale  Caught  on  Video
    • Rare White Killer Whale Caught on ...

      • What do you suppose the white color means genetically? Most mammals, such as mice and rats, are never white in the wild. The white ones you see in pet stores only occur while in captivity for some reason. Hell, my snake won't even eat white rodents.
      • Jun, 17 2012 02:22am


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