• Government Based On Christian Values
    • Government Based On Christian Values

      • Please tell me where it states that the US is a theocracy? It's a Republic based on religious values, but there are many who are advocating for a theocracy which would put the US under religious control.Knowledge is of no avail if you can't comprehend the written word.It's so sad that you don't.
      • Sep, 7 2015 11:18pm
    • Pilgrims Escape Religious Persecution
    • Pilgrims Escape Religious Persecution

      • Thanks for the kind words. When a monarchy is so intertwined with the church, it kind of confuses the strict classifications of government, so I will stick with my loose interpretation. This is by no means an attack on Christians, but you insinuating their ignorance could be. BTW - you missed the fact that I misspelled Pilgrims.
      • Sep, 7 2015 01:36am
    • The Best of Internet Memes
    • The Best of Internet Memes

      • The word of God is man written so therefore could be fallible. There has never been any written word given to Man by God himself. Man can not be trusted not to change things around, even if told by God himself.
      • Feb, 29 2012 07:24pm
    • Random WTF Gallery 2
    • Random WTF Gallery 2

      • # 6 - Idiot parent, thinking that 2 three year olds could control an obviously strong dog in a public place.
      • Feb, 26 2012 03:45pm
    • Ironic Factoid
    • Ironic Factoid

      • I learned something new and it makes sense, but I still find it ironic. Thanks for the info.
      • Jan, 6 2012 04:10pm


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