• Trip Down Memory Lane
    • Trip Down Memory Lane

      • I remember a lot of that stuff, but nothing brought me back down memory lane more than #2. Now I really wanna play solitaire...but I want the one with those pictures on the cards. I think my most used picture for the back of the cards was the ice cream cone
      • Jun, 17 2014 08:37pm
    • Mime Chronicles-A Thousand Miles
    • Mime Chronicles-A Thousand Miles

      • Lol i find it hilarious you think your words are so important, I'd change my whole life and stop these videos. Don't flatter yourself. I don't do them to get popular. I do them to get views. And that's exactly what you gave me: another view. Thanks a lot champ
      • Feb, 12 2013 06:36pm
    • Mime Chronicles-RE Your Brains
    • Mime Chronicles-RE Your Brains

      • So would your mom cause you can't spell. "His mother must be so disappointed." Seriously dude, quit complaining and get a job.
      • Feb, 11 2013 08:13am

      • As creator of this video, I'll be the first to admit this was a much better idea in my head.
      • Dec, 17 2010 09:25pm


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