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  • May 14, 2008
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About Me
Turns out they really are awful people. Sociopathic, sadistic, narcissistic, cruel by nature, highly unpleasant to be around. They love to cause pain. They delight in ruining the beautiful. The more pure and integrity-filled something is, the more they enjoy corrupting it. So says a new psychology study. Also, they’re antisocial. Poor dressers. Ungainly. Hairy in all the wrong places. Smell like soggy asparagus and old toenails. I’m just guessing.

But the personality of trolls wasn’t really the question, was it? The real question is: whence do these warped beings come? Does the Internet spawn these toxic personalities, or merely exacerbate their puerile nature, give it outlet and volume? Which came first: the sadist, or the anonymous forum into which the sadist is born?
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