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About Me

When the landmark franchises of the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL were first created, no one predicted the astronomical value that these teams would eventually reach.

Today, history repeats itself with the foundation of a new medium of competition, the ADA.

The Animation Dance Association (ADA) is a new global competition where 8 professional animation teams compete against each other for the ADA Championship Title. Combining their talent and creativity with global exposure, these animation teams will quickly become the worldwide superstars of their craft.

Each team creates 20-90 second animated clips with various dancing character(s) and/or objects. Viewers from all over the world vote to choose the winning animation. The results of the polls are announced daily in a live ADA TV broadcast.

The competitions take place seven days a week, so there are always new and exciting animations for our audience to enjoy. The daily winner is determined by viewers votes alone. No doping scandals, shady judges or pre-determined outcomes.

A new epoch of democratic sport has come!

Mankind has been awaiting a competition of this magnitude for many years. The great ADA sport will unite the world using creativity and the gifted talent of the animators.

The new ADA sport will help people have fun, relax, and enjoy themselves. Every day, masterpieces by the great ADA artists will bring people pleasure, happiness, and a unique entertainment experience.

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