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  • Aug 13, 2008
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About Me
Fuck, Shit, Piss, Balls, Dick, Cock, Cunt, Dike, K***, N*****, Bastard, Bitch, Ass, Asshole, Jackass, Cock Sucker, Mother Fucker, Tits, Boobs, Cleavage, Hooters, Queer, Homo, Fag, Fruit, Dingle Berry, Pussy, Twat, Cum, Splooge, Hand Job, Rim Job, Blow Job, Fart, Nut Sack, Ball Sack, Grundle, Gooch, Whore, Slut, Cream Pie, Cum Shot, Dirty Sanchez, 69, Camel Toe, Fisting, Finger Fuck, Boner, Hard-On, Jack-Off, Jerk-Off, Whack-Off, Wanker, Eat Out, Barf, Puke, Snot, Loogie, Turd, Crap, Fart, Penis, Vagina, Seminal Fluid, Scrotum, Testicles, Urethra, Testicles, Clitoris, Anus, Sperm, Semen, Ejaculation, and Erection.
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