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About Me

if she ain't fat, i'll pass on that
if she ain't huge, i don't splooge
if she don't oink, i don't boink
if she don't moo, i don't screw
if she ain't a blimp, i stay limp
if shes hammy i'll let her slam me
if she breaks her seat she can suck my meat
if shes got jelly i'll put a baby in that belly
if she's size 87 i'm in heaven
If she can't tie her shoe, I'll fuck where she

I should be pampered and treated like a king
every second of every day, by you lowly rump
roasting goofs

One word to describe me- PIMPRAGEOUS
Get on your knees and say "oh great mother fuckin bald dude!"

Look chumps, its like my grandma always used to say... "the smaller the victim, the funner the whoop", got it fags?
BigBadBaldie's Legit Bitch List (for the biggest ebitches this side of the Mississip): bigtom24 BaileyBlaze, werewolf44, Nate84, TheBigCasino, bdoubled, mathewbb

None of you are man enough to commit rape like I am. Shit, I've tied up every individual in bdoubled's family and porked em all! Tra

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