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  • Jun 18, 2008
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About Me
About "me"? What about "me"? I think a better question is..."What about you"? Yeah. Let that sink in. Sit with it. Deal with it's repercussions. However, in the mean time...while you grow...peep this: I'm 20, I love roller coasters and boogie boarding. My favorite number is 9. Truthfully, I can't touch my toes. I have a 6th sense - "Smision". I'm right-handed and single. I grew up in Nowhere, Oklahoma. I have one younger sister. In the world of Non-truths, I've been crowned "World Champion Hand-Clapper", two years running. My thumbprint was the architectual influence for the Pentagon. I can type six words a Truth Town: I am an IT Technician. My dad is a jeweler. My mom is a supervisor at a legal company. I play GTA IV. I can make 8 out of 10 free throws (after 20 warm-up shots). My first name is Michael. CUT TO: LIE TOWN, USA - I can bench press a family of five. My IQ is so low it's measured in sound. Alanis Morisette's song "You Oughta Know" is about me. My favorite color is apple pie.
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