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About Me

I am dayshift by day, and nightshift by night.

Don't call me badass

Just call me Daft Pirate.

I'm a computer technician. I make 200,000 dollars a year. I live in a condominium in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I have property in Cancun, Mexico, and Bourgogne, France.

I own a group on this site that's main purpose is to ban the user radar. He once ate my bologna sandwich during recess while I was playing handball with Julie Patricks (Only the cutest girl in the ridgeway elementary kindergarden class).

I like bdoubled. I like steev0 too he asked me to be his boyfriend. I said no because I wasn't ready for the commitment. We haven't said hi as much when we pass each other in the hallways anymore. It's kinda awkward because we have 2 CLASSES TOGETHER!!!

bdoubled once gave me 6 bucks to go get some shoes from a thrift store. Never saw him much after that.

bvmeone once sucked my penis for half of my pumpernickel sandwich. I gave him the whole thing because he swallowed. All of this is true because Neal, Neil, and Neii confirmed it.

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