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About Me

Alright, I grew up in Alaska and the pacific northwest, I own a strange yellow cat (only because i cant have a dog), I love spicy food, I have exceptional timing, I value loyalty quite a bit, and i donated a grand total of $38 to the Obama campaign (and i'm pretty sure that made the difference!)

I spent my 20's living overseas...2 yrs in Tokyo, 4.5 yrs in Rio, 2 yrs in Paris. I had a pony as a child, I luv stinky french cheeses with red wine, I have given CPR to 2 cats & 1 porpoise, love coffee, will take you on in any sport you may challenge me to... and i sort of don't like stuffed grape leaves (though they always look really tasty, don't they?)

I am good friends with most of my exes (if you think that's a bad thing, seriously just go away), I love seafood, I am a very decent artist(better in some mediums than others of course;), and I can explain the entire history of the universe to you if you have a few hours to spare.

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