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About Me

Well here goes IM tall light and handsome, IM prince Charming with an attitude wearing a leather jacket, probably listing to a Rob Zombie cut. IM a little forward and outgoing so instead of saying something like your as beautiful as the sun on the horizon, I would say something like baby you are fuc#!ng fine and you have an A$$ that is simply hypnotic. I know not your stereotypical prince see told ya lol.

Strengths: Loyalty if IM your friend I WILL!! be by your side, I will fight along side of you , go to hell and back with you, party hard with yer A$$, I would even cry with you, and worse case scenario die with you because nobody should ever be alone.

Weakness: I am or what my friends would like to say IM stupid fearless or what I like to call it misplaced bravery, ya see it’s not that IM not afraid it’s that IM thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead so in this case IM not thinking in that moment and I appear to be fearless.

Things that I would do if I could go back in time: I would go into and live in the medieval era because I really dig that sh!# my boys and I would pillage and party, and we would all talk about how cool my horse is a black stallion demon that’s called nightmare. After that I would get myself a hotti (wench) and we explore the whole friends with benefits thing right in the middle of the medieval rave party “yeah baby”.

Things that I would say in a life threating scenario: Ok sweetheart 2 things, 1 IM always going to be this good looking, and 2 if I die I may never see you again, so at this point before I go in I aggressively kiss and squeeze the cuties a$$, then I go in, IM either gonna die or save the Freakin day, but either way IM gonna look cool doing it.

In closing plain and simple if we develop a friendship IM the type you will never forget, and yes that’s a good thing now lets kick back and make fun of me and the pictures I create with Corel # 9 & 13

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