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About Me

Hi there, Rob Sacchetto here just thought that I�d drop you a line and let you know a little bit about my life as a zombie artist as I think that it may be of some interest to your fans. In 2006 I started an online service in which I hand paint people as the living dead, called Zombie Portraits. People simply send me a J-peg of themselves or a loved one and I illustrate them as zombies using traditional means with no computer photo-shopping involved. The customer receives a high res J-peg and has the original mailed to them. So far I have zombified over 2000 people all over the world! Feeling that I wasn't drawing enough zombies, I started Zombie Daily, a blog where I post a new original zombie drawing or painting every day! This site was started in 2008 and so far there are over 900 posts and counting as I still update with new content on a daily basis. The formation of Zombie Daily led the publishing company Ulysses press to offer me two book deals, one for, "The Zombie Handbook:How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse", and my next book, "Zombiewood:The Celebrity Dead Exposed".

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