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About Me

I am a positive person.
I am an advocate for consumers who can not speak for themselves, or do not know how to speak for themselves. I have advocated successfully for consumers who have issues, problems, or questions with government agencies or companies, and I do so with no cost or obligation for the consumer. I provide my service totally free to the consumer in need. When I take on a challenge or an issue for either myself or another person-I take it on to win. And in most cases I do win!
I love people and am a motivator of people. I inspire others to be more and to do more with their lives.
I love life. I live every moment of every day to its fullest. I am disabled with 2 brain tumors and know first hand the joy of embracing each moment of life and experiencing the most out of each day that I can.
I established and promote The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day, celebrated every year on March 1.
Harold and HaroldSays-"Making our world a more positive place one day at a time!"

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