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About Me

12 Tribes Of Yasharahla

Judah (Yahawahdah) = The Most High (YHWH) Thanks So-called Negros

Benjamin (Banyamyan) = Son Of The Right Hand So-called West Indians

Levi (Laway) = Attached (Joined To Me) So-called Haitians

Simeon (Shamiwan) = Affliction Heard So-called Dominican Republicans

Zebulon (Zabalawan) = Dwelling So-called Guatamaula to Panama

Ephraim (Ahparayam) = I Am Fruitful So-Called Puerto Ricans

Manasseh (Manashah) = Made To Forget So-called Cubans

Gad (Gad) = Troop (Fortune) So-called Northen Native Americans

Reuben (Raahwban) = See It's A Son So-called Seminole Indians

Asher (Ahshar) = Happy So-called Columbia to Uraugray

Napthali (Napathalay) = My Wrestling So-called Argentine to Chile

Issachar (Yasshakar) = He Is Hired So-called Mexicans

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