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  • Mar 27, 2007
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About Me
"jboogie has the charm of a elegant queen, yet the vulgarity of a cheap hooker. while her beauty is evident her humbleness is her most redeeming quality. she could flaunt cleavage pics like that fatass simone, or pretend to have "boyfriends" like that slut shylilazn...but no. she puts her self down, only to raise herself up with comments that are among the best ever written. you may not always understand them, but they are pure gold. her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard without her even offering or mentioning it, yet she goes about her business like any regular shit faced user here. she could bottle her bathwater and sell it to the creatures of this site for a lot of their parents money, but no. she chooses a life of normality and honor." - caw2728

"J.B. like a rose. Sweet scents and thorn pricks, careful. Proceed with caution." - Clark_Kent

"You're a vindictive, machete-mouthed bitch when you want to be" - SquantoSpecial

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