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About Me

Humor as seen through the eyes of "Various Cats" a film making/comedy team that always delivers the best in surrealist humor. All artistic material is original and © Various Cats.

Various Cats are elite film makers/comedians who rely on team work, mental handicaps, bagel bites and violence. Their first film 2005's "King B" was shit on by numerous critics and was regarded as "disgusting piece of garbage that should be viewed by no one" . Their follow-up film 2006's "I love sewage (10 prostitutes and a paper bag)" sent the team into the stratosphere; making over $67 million at the box office. 2006's "Lick my Viener!!!" was the story of an autistic Austrian farm boy who rose to prominence during a circumcision gone wrong. The story resounded in people and inspired them to do great things during religious ceremony. The Team took a break to recuperate and then returned with the 2007 masterpiece "Apollo" the riveting story of a man who cannot find his brain. Apollo showed movie goers that the team was only getting better; the movie was awarded the coveted Swollen Sack award at the annual Halifax invitational film festival. Apollo had shown us all the distortions of the society we live in today. 2008's "Yanci, 28, Tricycle thief" was a huge disappointment to the team's fans and critics, one man even committed suicide in a public screening.2009's short film "Retarded Zombies 1" was conceptualized as a commercial for Nike sportswear gone wrong. The team is currently working away on a variety of projects including "I'm Black and I'm lonely" "Mr.Long-Wiskers" "Abdullah wears a vest everyday to work" "Finally! A cock I can stand by (the musical)" "Ass Machine Real" "Apollo goes to the park" "Rape in an Out-house" and "Electric Saliva: The Jah Harpley story"

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