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  • 48 weeks ago
  • Jan 13, 2007
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About Me
The jinxed one is a jack-of-all-trades with the skills to get by.

I Suffer From The "Stuttering Public School Gypsy Curse"... I B.B.B. ead Rackwards... I Get M.M.M.erds Wixed Up...

Oh Yes... I Can Spin Records Very Well

(02/27/11) Returned and hit the 1k mark for uploads.

(06/30/08) Took A Small Vacation For Some Much Needed R&R... Thanks For The Messages And Keep Watching...JINX

November 9, 2008 14:00 CST
I am now on a mission to watch and rate every featured item on ebaumsworld I will report back with the latest.

Aces + Bullets:
(+)Uploaded 100 Items

(+)Made 'User'

(+)Earned 50,000 eRep Points

(+)Uploaded 500 Items

(+)The Kid Got Featured Ya'll (6/1/2008)

(+)Made 'Senior User' (6/1/2008)

(+)Earned 100,000 eRep Points (6/6/2008)

(+)Featured Again (11/10/2008)

(+)Featured (11/12/2008)
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