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About Me

Why hello there. I'm a Jew. :) Born in 1980 in Auschwitz, Ive been a Jew for thirty years now. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, a dreidel in my hand, and a faithful army ready to die at my back. However... the brilliant history of Little Coo Jew began back to infantile years. When i was just a babe, i was kidnapped whilst on excavation with my parents in the Congo jungles of Africa. I was taken by renegade apes.. who were going to sell to local pirates and black market dealers in exchange for dope.. the horrible drug heroin made addicted to them by the French! Without the help of Rebecca Bucks, Sam Fisher , and Pauley Shore... i might not be here today. When I was 4 years old I composed my first rock opera and sixteen harmonica quartet. I created the first mini universe to be held in a lab when i was twelve. Later on into the year of 1993 i went on to find the cure for cancer.. which was tragically stolen from me by the Australians. They held me captive, threatened my life, force fed me bbq beans and made me eat saw dust from a dog bowl. Over much deliberation between the US and Australia, and nearly being beheaded, they began notion for my release.. where i was to forever live a lie claiming I never found the cure for cancer. This sent me into a pit of depression to which I couldn't wake from until i met my first love... a gentleman, he picked me up and whisked me away to Isles of Cowabunga where he wooed me on passion fruit, cheap liquor and swedish meat balls. It was love at first sight. It was shortly after that, that i used my love driven inspiration for him to invent the electric menorah.. which has been over a ten year succes!!! Thank you!

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