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About Me

dude, seriously, wtf ever... nah im just joshin!

things i like:
-Kickin ass
-sno cones
-chewin gum
-being a classy lady ;)
-kickin ass........oops
- ass kickin boys!
-the first sip of my milkshake (yum)
-stomping on drunks
-laughing and pointing at teens
-tacos (mmm tacos)
-gettin drunk and mmp games!
-horror flicks
-action flicks
- and the lovely southpark

things i dislike:
-hot soda(barf)
-low battery on my phone
-the vollyball scene in TopGun...seriously wtf was that about!?
-the smell of nail polish
-nail polish in general
-Mariah Carey's "Glitter"
-mariah carey
-chick flicks (barf)
-PeOpLe WhO SpElL LiKe ThIs!!
-losing a sock in the dryer
-britney spears
-paris hilton
-madden brothers
-celebs in general
-when McD's gets my order wrong

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