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  • Mar 30, 2011
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About Me
this place is a complete fraud. Get to understand it, and move to far more serious sites (so basically anywhere else).

For the "useless sites having hugely misterious and idiotic dynamics" section (update 01/08/2012): I just noticed that my ebones went from 10.000 and over to... wait for it... SEVENTY-THREE! No reason given, no alerts, no messages, no anything. Way to go dudes ;)

1st jun 2012 update: finally a (double actually!) explaination. It didn't make sense in some ways, but at least the guys took their time to discuss it with me. And I guess they don't have much time, if we count the number of subscribers they have to handle. That's because who's on top, as always, leaves 2/3 poor scapegoats to take the blame for a site that, indeed, is too old to still cope with competitors. Plus, I keep on seeing a human hand taking final decisions, not computer logic.
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