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About Me

A famous Korean musician Youtube star who plays double guitar. He plays two guitars that make sounds as soon as you touch the strings and not if you pluck or strum them. Because his guitars do not require a second hand he is able to play a variety of tracks such as the Super Mario Bro's Theme Song, The Simpsons Theme Song, and other tracks that would normally require more instruments and people to perform. Zack Kim, has been living in Malaysia for the past fourteen years and is a brilliant guitarist albeit being self-taught. A quirky personality who has only recently been introduced to the world of performing, Nevertheless, His flair managed to scale great heights quickly as he takes on a session player role in well-known local bands like Tempered Mental, One Buck Short and Groovetank Zack who is also known within the local scene and to those who have seen him, as one the faster guitarist in the circuit, but with all that quick finger acrobatics, Zack still plays with much feel and sou

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