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About Me

I'm an old man. In my day, we di'n't have profiles unless we stood sideways. We di'n't have no steenking Internet either. We used charcoal to write stuff on the back of shovels. That's just the way it was! When we wanted to "communicate" we'd step outside and yell at the neighbors like, "HEY! KEEP YER FREEKING DOG OUTTA MY FLOWERS!". We di'n't need no steenking email... when we wanted to send a message to someone we'd just walk down the street and hand them the freekin shovel!

Used to be an IP address was the freekin place you took a leak! Well, I hope yer all happy with this "INforMAtion SUperHIGHway". In MY day a superhighway was a two lane road... and we got all the information we needed from shoveling dog poop outta the freekin flowers!

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