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About Me

I am not new to this site, but I am new to having a profile as you can see (never saw a need for a profile before). I have been roaming and checking up on this site for years.
I vote anything I look at on the site and if it is a crap upload, it will get a crap vote. So stop whining. I block any bots or people who create accounts just to send me empty threats.

I am 23 years old, going to the University of South Florida for Computer Science. Really really hoping to get a job in Game Design. My life mostly consists of games, music, the girlfriend, and roaming of the internets.

I always try to upload interesting media, try not to upload crap, and I rate others fairly. If I have a repost simply say something and I will delete it. So subscribe, add me as a friend, or just comment!
As I have for the past few years I will continue to roam this site almost daily.

If you have a Ps3 feel free to add me, my PSN is OdinsFox
Currently Playing: GH:WT(drums hard, guitar expert), Killzone 2, and FF8

Favorite Bands: Protest the Hero, Lamb of God, Tool, The White Stripes, Gorillaz, Metallica, Rush

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